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Body Guide

Dressing for Your Body Type: A Guide

Finding outfits that flatter your figure is about to become a lot easier.



Watch this video for a look at how to measure yourself and discover your body shape.




          Hourglass Body


          Shoulder measurement x 2 = Hips measurement

          Hips measurement > 20cm in Waist measurement

          Shoulders and hips are fairly balanced and you have a defined waist.


          Outfits for hourglass shapes




          Triangle Body Shape


          Shoulders and bust are narrower than hips

          Hips measurement above 5cm compared with Shoulder


          Outfits for inverted triangles




          Inverted Triangle Body Shape


          larger bust / broad shoulders, hips area is small   

          Shoulder measurement above 5cm compare with Hips


          Outfits for inverted triangles




          Rectangle Body Shape


          Body looks very even with no obvious curves.

          Shoulders equal to Waist equal to Hips


          Outfits for rectangle shapes





          Apple-Shaped Body


          The body tends to look round and midsection is fuller

          an undefined waist, slimmer leg and arms.

          Shoulder equal to Hips


         Outfits for apple shapes